THe Benefits of Acupuncture


Tuesdays are 
POCA Tech student clinic with Susie! Treatments cost $20-$30 during student clinic. See our "News & Events" page for more details. ​


Discover the health benefits of Acupuncture in this short video.

Tour our clinic

Come right in and have a seat! Steve takes some friends on a tour of our clinic.

Effective, Affordable Health Care

Affordable rates: Our goal is to make acupuncture accessible to everyone, so we use a sliding scale $30-$50. You choose how much to pay! Excellent care: ​Acupuncture is a safe, time-tested holistic therapy that can be used to treat most conditions. Fine needles are inserted into the skin at specific points on the body. We are a community style clinic, which means that we treat in a group setting. Come in and relax with family and friends!

Tuesday 9am -1pm (student clinic)
Wednesday 2-7pm (Steve)
Thursday 2-7pm (Steve)
Friday 9am-1pm (Steve)